Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Music Station, and Nocchi is still livin' for it

Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Music Station and Nocchi is still livin' for it | Random J Pop

Perfume fans are emotional over "Polygon Wave" actually being good after the doo-doo slip 'n' slide that has been Perfume's singles over the past couple of years. And Perfume themselves seem to be all in on it too. The song has only been out for a couple of weeks, yet Perfume have already given us two live performances of the song, and both times Nocchi has been living her best life.

I'm low key over the song already, but these performances will keep me on it for a while yet. I liked the routine from the jump when Perfume performed "Polygon Wave" the first time, but they hit the routine even better here. So many odd little details in the choreography that I was able to catch here that throw me. Like how certain sections aren't on beat or set to a count, but to some of the instrumentations, which aren't on beats or standard counts. And yet, all 3 members hit the moves at the exact same time. My brain hurts.

And there's still the music video to come, which I hope, like the song, is a throwback to Perfume's older videos - which were far more memorable that most of what Perfume has given us as of late. The music video for "Time Warp" was creative as fuck. But it was a very one note video which had the potential to be so much better than it was, much like the song itself.

And can you believe that Tamori, the dude with the shades and the hair that is died jet black daily is still hosting Music Station!? He's like the Japanese equivalent of Alex Trebek. Music Station is his gig and his gig ALONE. Lord knows what they're gonna do when he passes. He's an institution at this point. This man has been the host of Music Station since 1987. Think of how many artists have come up knowing this man?! Even me just being a J-music fan would find it weird seeing Music Station without him on it.