Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" for the first time, and Nocchi gets her whole entire life

Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" for the first time, and Nocchi gets her whole entire life | Random J Pop

Perfume are moving QUICK with "Polygon Wave". An announcement of the songs' release date, which was a mere 2 weeks from the announcement, and the song has barely been out for 48 hours and we've already gotten a live performance of it.

Judging from Perfume's reaction to when the song got its first airplay on the radio, they genuinely seem to like this song. You can tell Nocchi likes this shit, because she was hitting this routine with a twinkle in her eyes like the good ol' days. Nocchi was LIVING.

Often songs have to be chopped right the way down for performances on Japanese TV. But because "Polygon Wave" is barely a full song, it already sounds like it was chopped down anyway. Only the intro and outro was trimmed, and that was literally it.

As has been a theme with the choreography for Perfume's last few singles, "Polygon Wave" seems to pull from Perfume's past routines. Everything (almost everything) with Perfume is purposeful and deliberate, especially when it comes to their choreo. Therefore, certain moves looking like references to moves from other routines was more than likely intentional as opposed to a coincidence. I definitely peeped poses, formations and moments from "Chocolate Disco", "Flash", "Fusion" and unsurprisingly, "Polyrhythm". And there were other moments where I was like 'I know I've seen them do that move before', but couldn't pin the song.

"Polygon Wave" has a really cool routine which I immediately liked. And the 'polygon wave' move is just asking for fans to mimic it, so the song is bound to go down a treat for their Polygon Wave gig in August. 

Kashiyuka serving BOOTS bitch | Random J Pop

Perfume didn't just throw it back with the sound and the moves, but also the footwear. Not since the days of Triangle have we gotten a performance with each member of the group wearing a different style of shoe. Back in the day we'd get either Nocchi or Kashiyuka in a style of boot, whilst a-chan would be in a comfy lil' wedge or a pump. And now look. Nocchi out here in an ankle boot, whilst Kashiyuka is out here in thigh highs. File 'Kashiyuka in thigh high boots' under Kashiyuka's forehead reveal for LEVEL3. I also have to say that the outfits didn't look completely terrible. And what was also a throwback moment, Kashiyuka is back in a mini skirt.

I really do hope that Perfume release a music video for "Polygon Wave". It'd be a shame not to, given how great the routine is, and the love the song is receiving from fans unlike any single Perfume have released in quite some time. And I can't wait to see what they do with the song for their Polygon Wave gig. I'd quite like a "Polyrhythm" mashup, but it'd be so on the nose that they'd probabaly never do it. It'd also highlight how low key lazy the song is. I still want it though. We're never going to get re-arranged versions of songs, so at least give us mashups and mixes.

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