Perfume's first single of 2021 is coming, and it's called "Polygon Wave"

Perfume to release their first single of 2021 "Polygon Wave" (and a whole bunch of other stuff) | Random J Pop

Perfume done gave up on "Time Warp" after about a week and did everything and promoted everything but that song. To such a point that it feels like forever since it came out. Can you believe that "Time Warp" release in September of LAST YEAR!?



Perfume announced that not only will they be releasing a new song this year (their first of 2021), but that it will be dropping in July! "Polygon Wave" will be a digital single which hits all streaming platforms on July 2nd. There's no word on if there will be a music video, but I highly suspect that there will be.

"Polygon Wave" will also be the theme song of the Japanese version of The Masked Singer, which will air exclusively on Amazon Prime video as an Amazon Original in September, and Perfume will be guest appearing on the show.

Polygon Wave: The show / August 14th & 15th | Random J Pop

The title Polygon Wave has been floating around for a little while now, and that's because it's the name of Perfume's next big gig, which was announced in May. Polygon Wave will be Perfume's first large scale performance since their P Cubed tour in 2020, which had to be cut short early due to the fresh threat of the pandemic, and because unlike Kumi Koda, Perfume's team actually gave a damn about people's safety and well-being.

There isn't much info on this tour in English. Most of the information specifies that the performance will be available to watch via livestream in selected theatre venues and that it will also be streamed globally for international fans - which is probabaly due to a combination of the success of POP FES and the fact that we are still in a pandemic. Polygon Wave will play to a live audience though, although I imagine that there will be restrictions in place. Every Polygon Wave ticket purchased will come with a Perfume's Closet face mask, which needs to be worn upon entry to the venue. So expect the crowd to look like this...

The masked-up crowd at P Cubed in 2020 | Random J Pop

And given that Perfume have released something on Netflix and Disney+, and The Masked Singer angle, it wouldn't surprise me if eventually the Polygon Wave performance was made available exclusively on Amazon Prime. 

Polygon Wave: The digital single / July 2, 2021 | Random J Pop

The Polygon Wave gig will be great. That's a given. But what about the new song!? "Time Warp" was good, but it wasn't amazing, and everybody seemed to move on from it quickly. And you can't take it as any kind of sign as to what Perfume's next set of songs will sound like, because ever since 2010, every song Perfume have put out has been different to the last. But Nakata did such a good job with Capsule's "Hikari no Disco", that I'm hoping that whatever he was on when he put that song together, is what he was on when he was cooking up "Polygon Wave".

The title is dumb, but whatever.

And because Perfume's radio show Perfume Locks is now no more, we're not gonna get a clip of this song before it releases as we used to. So we may not hear any of "Polygon Wave" until it drops on July 2nd. Unless it turns out that the music heard in this teaser for The Masked Singer is from "Polygon Wave".

I hope not.

Let us all put our copies of Triangle in a circle of candles and pray.

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