Listen to Perfume's new single "Polygon Wave"

Listen to Perfume's new single "Polygon Wave" | Random J Pop

Yesterday I went and said 'Oh, there's no Perfume Locks show, so we probabaly won't hear the song until it releases on July 2nd'. And then the news hit 'THE SONG IS PLAYING ON THE RADIO TOMORROW'. Well, tomorrow is now today, and the song done played. And Perfume hopped on Instagram live to share the moment with fans.

They're really getting good at this Instagram thing y'all. 

Nakata Yasutaka's sound has been inconsistent for a while now, so I have zero expectations with anything he puts out. But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be disappointed in Nakata dropping the ball on a new Perfume song after he did such great work with Capsule's "Hikari no Disco". And y'all...

Nakata actually did it.

a-chan can't believe that Nakata actually gave them a good song | Random J Pop

Nakata was in his bag for more than peroxide and the chapstick that Ram Rider used that one time that he keeps. He actually gave Perfume something good, and I'm a bit emotional.

It's giving me Game. It's giving me Stardust. It's giving me Daft Punk in 2001. It's giving me buss it open on Koopa Troopa beach. Nakata actually came through.

The whole time I was listening to it, I kept wondering why the groove of the song felt so familiar to me, and what other Perfume song it reminded me of. It's "Polyrhythm". Raise the key by a step and you could sing it over the top. The whole song is literally "Polyrhythm", but I'm okay with that.

Nakata is still giving Perfume songs with odd structures and large amounts of space. But at least this song has an actual hook, isn't some future bass nonsense, hearkens back to a sound that worked so wekk for Perfume, and would sit nicely on an album with "Time Warp". And I can't deny that this song is wonderfully funky and is perfect for the summer.

Nocchi couldn't keep her ass on the seat and got up to do the routine, which looks to include a literal body wave. So I'm keen to see the music video.

From July 2nd when "Polygon Wave" drops strip clubs 'bout to go up like...

And you know damn well "Polygon Wave" be added to the Perfume Pussy Poppers and Girly Step playlists immediately.

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