Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Ongaku no Hi and Nocchi is no longer living for it

Perfume perform "Polygon Wave" on Ongaku No Hi and Nocchi is no longer living for it | Random J Pop

Perfume performed "Polygon Wave" on Ongaku No Hi, marking the first time Perfume perform the full version of the song with the full intro and outro; so we get to see some new parts of the choreo that we hadn't seen before. Even if it's only a few seconds worth, and the choreo for the intro and outro are both the same.

Whilst I enjoy Perfume's performances of "Polygon Wave" song, I am as tired of these damn outfits as the Perfume fandom is of me. Nocchi is fully over this look, because she wasn't hitting this routine with the glow and the spark she was the last 2 times. Can Perfume's stylists not have made these outfits in different colours? The only member who was still getting their life was a-chan, which is probabaly because of her new high ponytail. Bitch was swishing it back and forth and every opportunity.

Perfume are already doing more for this song than "Time Warp", and we've not even got the music video yet. Although I am really concerned about the music video at this point. Because as much as I like the routine for "Polygon Wave", we've seen it three times already and will probabaly see it a few more times before the music video drops. So visually, the music video going to have to be something really cool that isn't something we've seen before. If Perfume pull up in these same outfits, I swear to God...

Perfume's videos over the past few years have tended to be a case of 'That's cool' on a first view, and then never going back to it. So I hope in keeping with the throwback vibe of the song, that we get a throwback to a video with some rewatchability. There's been no confirmation of a music video anyway, but fans are adamant (me included) that one is coming.