Crystal Kay aka Miss Television aka Miss A/V features in a new promo shot for JBL by Harman

Crystal Kay aka Miss Television aka Miss A/V features in a new promo shot for JBL by Harman | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay has been a JBL brand ambassador for a minute now, and every now and then we get a new shoot in honour of some new product they've got out. It's a good thing too. Because Crystal barely gives us new shots of ANYTHING. She's still parading around that same ass promo shot she took way back at the top of 2020 for the release of "Sangatsu Kokonoka", which is her social media avi and the artist photo on her streaming pages. Gurl. Get it together. Even Hikaru Utada is out here giving us new promo shots.

My immediate thought upon seeing this new shot of Crystal was 'Vivid'. A Crystal Kay album which is never too far from my mind, because I play songs off of it with regularity. Best pop album of 2012. Y'all better get into it.

Left: Crystal Kay, JBL by Harman (2021) | Right: Crystal Kay, Vivid (2012)

It still upsets me and homegirls how Vivid flopped so badly. And it's foolery that Crystal's team did not come up with any sort of campaign to celebrate her full catalog hitting streaming, in order to shed a light on some of her older albums. Although how in the hell are you gonna plug Call Me Miss... when one of the most popular songs on it isn't even available?


I'm not in Japan. I've seen nothing of this campaign in Japan. So I can't speak for how widespread this campaign is or isn't. But regardless, Crystal is so marketable from a visual stand point alone, that it continually shocks me that she hasn't been made a brand ambassador for more things, and that her team isn't getting her more product tie ins. But given how Crystal is being managed, I get it. If her team isn't pushing her and putting her out there, then brands aren't going to see her. And whilst JBL is a big brand, it isn't a Sony, who would be far more likely to do massive media takeovers to push new products.

It's really unfortunate. Especially in a country where it's relatively easy, with the right team around you, to have a career of just being that bitch who sells things. I mean, just look at Mesia Kuroki and the early days of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's career. Also, Crystal's team doesn't seem to care about pushing Crystal in spaces unless it's concerning new music or Broadway, and that just makes no sense to me. Especially in a market like Japan where product tie-in's are so crucial. It's like LDH don't want Crystal to make them more money. I guess they don't care given that EXILE is bringing in enough for the whole of the LDH roster. But it's an absolute mess that Crystal hasn't been part of a big campaign or a tie in FOR YEARS, and that she's having to perform at brunches, because she isn't proving to be big enough for a nationwide tour.


But hopefully her stint on The Masked Singer will help her. The judges love her, and the crowd eat up all of her performances. So if I don't see a bitch working that Miss Television angle and being featured in some shit for Panasonic 4K TV's, then I-

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