Kyary Pamyu Pamyu teases the Candy Racer song "Perfect Oneisan" for the debut of her own shampoo brand

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu teases the Candy Racer song "Perfect Oneisan" for the debut of her own shampoo brand | Random J Pop

Another week, another Kyary song and a new business venture. In the space of a month we've had "Jumping Up", "Dodonpa" and now we get another Candy Racer cut. We really are about to hear this whole album before it drops. Kyary wants us to know Nakata is back on his shit and that Candy Racer is about to drift us into bop city.

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

And with the clip of a new song, comes with Kyary and a new brand. Yep. She really is a whole business woman now. She said 'Bitch. If brands won't fuck with me how they used to, then I'mma just make my own brands.'

Kyary doing a shoot for her shampoo brand...wearing a wig, whilst talking about damage to her hair over time. Damn. Is she looking like Caillou under there? Was the baldness in the "Kamaitachi" video real!?

When I first saw this video and peeped the website, I couldn't understand why Kyary would want to be the face of somebody else's hair care brand when she just launched her own beauty and fragrance brand last year. Then I wondered why the branding looked so similar to her brand. AND THEN my dumb ass realised that the shampoo is from Kyary herself. Fenty Pamyu is out here building herself an empire. Other J-bitches better catch up. Although I do still find it odd that Kyary didn't release her shampoo range under her first brand venture, Nostalgia Syndrome, or some form of umbrella brand. But this seems to be such a Japanese thing to do; creating different things and off shoots of things which could sit under an existing thing. Utada albums instead of Hikaru Utada. Beni Daniels releases instead of Beni. Nintendo creating a Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account instead of just using the damn Super Mario account. You'd think these folk would want to leverage the existing following, but no. Japan lives for doing shit like this.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu teases the Candy Racer song "Perfect Oneisan" for the debut of her own shampoo brand | Random J Pop

It tickles me that the letter C in the brand name is designed to look like an apple, and that somebody probabaly did it because it looked cool, not realising that Ć is actually a letter in the Latin alphabet. I'm loking every bit of it. It's like the reverse of how non Japanese or Chinese designers try and make English fonts and typesets which look 'Asian' by having them mimic Chinese characters, with no concept of why characters look the way they do, and making up gobbledegook characters in the process.


The main point of all this is that Kyarihanna Pamyu teased a new song as part of revealing her new shampoo line. And the song we got here was "Perfect Oneisan".

"Perfect Oneisan" sounds like another solid offering from Fenty Racer, featuring all of Kyary's charm, but still feeling new for her, as "Jumping Up" and "Dodonpa" did. It really is a shame that none of these songs were made singles or given music videos, because they are all giving what I think many fans had wanted more of from Kyary AND Nakata with Pikapika Fantajin. And they're just really good songs. I'm increasingly beginning to wish that Kyary had left "Gum Gum Girl", "Kamaitachi", "Kimi ga iine Kuretara" off of Candy Racer, because they really do sound like Japamyu off-cuts compared to everything else we've heard so far. But let's see how the whole album ends up when it drops in full on October 27th.

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