Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's cool, but mismatched music video for "Candy Racer"

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's cool, but mismatched music video for "Candy Racer" | Random J Pop

Y'all. What is going on?

Nakata is turning out good singles for these hoes and they are NOT delivering good music videos to match them. In Kyary's defence, Nakata never stopped giving her good singles and Kyary has never half-arsed her music videos. "Kimi ga ii ne Kuretara", "Kamaitachi" and "Gum Gum Girl" were all very good singles, which all got good music videos. But Nakata has been failing Perfume like COVID tests in Atlanta, and Perfume had been giving his songs the music videos they deserved. However, that turned around with "Polygon Wave", one of Perfume's better singles in the longest time, and it got an awful music video. And now Nakata turns out something great for Kyary with "Candy Racer" and she drops the ball with the music video.

I don't understand why Kyary would release a Halloween themed music video AFTER Halloween. And why the music video even has a Halloween concept in the first place, because it's so disconnected from the song. The theme of this video shoulda just been Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph. If Kyary really wanted to still have a Halloween theme, then bitch, just have it be Sugar Rush on a course that's Luigi's Mansion made out of candy or some shit.

I am so confused. 

The only real tie the music video has to the song is that it looks and feels very 90s, especially the intro. Oh, and there is a piece of wrapped candy at the end of the video. But nothing else correlates. And it's a shame, because the concept of the video is good, and Kyary looks great. It's just all set to the wrong song.

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