Her sugar looks raw!

M-Dolla looking a hot messM-Dolla (aka Magina aka Bones aka Madonna) looks like she went 10 rounds with Father time and his baseball bat, and lost. We always knew those Hard candy promo pics were airbrushed to the maximum, but I never realized how much! Where to start... Her face, her left shoulder, her left titty, her right titty, the nasty granny underwear. Nothing about this picture looks even half way decent, and even if it got run through Adobe Photoshop, it'd still look like shit. M-Dolla looks a haggered arse mess in this picture - that is fact. But with that said, it's still a better shot than what ended up on the cover, back and inlay for Hard candy.

She should slap the dude that took these Hard candy out-takes for releasing them. There are worse and nastier looking pictures than this one, but I don't want to give you nightmares. I've done enough damage by posting this for today.



  2. This picture is horrifying! She looks like she just got off on a dose of crack and just got done rolling around in her granny panties.

  3. I'd kill this guy. Isn't there some kind of legal issue here? Once photos are taken don't they belong to her or at least her record company? In the words of Jennifer Aniston "not cool" Poor Madge.

  4. *LOL* @ "She looks like she just got off on a dose of crack".

    This shot was one of the nicer ones, nasty left titty and all. There are some RAGGED looking out-takes where M-Dolla looks her age and then some.

  5. "looks like she went 10 rounds with Father time and his baseball bat, and lost"

    LMAO, oh man you hit the nail on the head, good writing as usual

  6. Couldn't beleive how did I live without visiting this blog. RandomJ You crack me up each time.
    Yes she looks awful ! But Madonna is not a standard pretty girl. I'm not a fan 'cause of her look but her talent and personality.
    But again, you crack me up, LOL

  7. Thanks for the kind comments mousson! ;)

    *LOL* @ "Madonna is not a standard pretty girl".

    I'm with ya. It's the Madonna package as a whole that sells her.

    Certain pictures she actually can look quite nice. The shots she did for American life I thought she looked really nice, but you could tell she was airbrushed the f**k out, because she looked like her daughter without the monobrow.

    You know what? I now think the picture above is so terrible, it's great. And that it should've been the album cover, the back image, the image on the CD and also featured in the 'Thank you' section of the inlay.

  8. Just the look in her face is pitiful. Just look at those eyes. She looks tired and depleted. And I still can't believe what she's wearing. Madonna used to personify sexy back in the day, and I can't imagine who would even want to touch that. *points to picture*


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