The swagger is gone

Britney took her Circus tour to Tampa and exclaimed her "Pussy was hanging out!" after a rubbish performance of "I'm a slave 4 U".

Why was her mic even switched on in the first place? It's not like it needed to be given how she mimed absolutely everything. I'm not so concerned by Britney's pussy slip (we all seen it before) as I am at how Britney took one of her hottest songs and performed it badly. call what she did a 'performance' is to give her too much credit. Her swagger is GONE! That on-stage shambles was painful to watch. Bitch had more moves going for her during her VMA mess of "Gimme more". Let's see how "I'm a slave 4 u" should've been looking, whilst shaking our heads in shock at how much Britney's stage prescence has nose dived.

It's a downright shame what's happened to the artist formerly known as Britney. The music's still decent, but that swagger is dead and gone. I feel for those who bought tickets to her tour. 2 hours of a zombiefied Britney walking up and down a stage miming to badly remixed renditions of her hit songs. That's some bullshit only a stan would pay for.


  1. Now hold up naw; I gotta disagree with ya thar. That particular "performance" - rubbish, yeah. But her pussy was hanging out! She obviously was uncomfortable, and she knew her suit was messed up. But watch some other tour videos, especially lately, she's doing great, all confident, and definitely on point. Most of the other "Slave" performances are really good too.

  2. LOL!!! That looked like a rehearsal.


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