Ciara's SNL performances

Ciara was a musical guest on Saturday night live, where she performed her flop single "Never ever" and her hit single "Love Sex Magic".

Everybody hated "Never ever" with a hot passion; but I liked the song, and still like it. This performance of it was nice, but Ciara kept omitting lines as though the back up would catch them and it sounded odd. Like it wasn't quite meant to happen. She was proper putting her all into singing this song. Worrying considering that the song isn't really that hard to sing. But she sounded decent, no better or worse than the sounds on the CD - so I gotta give it to her (and would do, from the front and back). That bin liner she was trying to pass off as a top looked crap. But Ciara still looked hot.

I think everybody noticed how Justin kept his arse behind the keyboards during the "Love Sex Magic" set. Jessica Biel (Justin's current squeeze) introduced the performance, so from then I knew Justin and Ciara would not be getting close how they did in the music video. Ciara had enough sexy going on her lonesome to compensate though. And to be frank; Justin was just Ciara's prop in "Love Sex Magic" music video anyway. He may as well have been a mannequin, 'cos he was looking like he didn't know what to do with all of Ciara's sexy. The live rendition of this song gave the whole thing a cool bounce. The live instrumentation's just put more funk into the song and kept it interesting. I love how the bridge section was sounding.

"Love sex magic" has to be one of the hottest live performances I've seen from Ciara. She looked fly from head to toe. The only other chicks I've seen work a ponytail and heels that hot on a stage is the Beyondroid - who isn't happy by the way. Ciara violated her pony tail swinging, skimpy attire and heels on stage clause. So she's now in B's sights. Expect the Beyondroid to fly around on stage at her next gig in a jet pack, fall 60 feet from the air and land on her feet wearing a 14 inch Manolo heel, before thrashing a Lion's mane style weave, and then doing the whole routine of "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" on stilts whilst brandishing a metal gauntlet on her hand the size of a Power rangers megazord.


  1. I didn't even watch the "Never Ever" performance after the HOTNESS that was "Love sex magic". 2:57 - 3:20 is so full of jaw dropping sexiness. When she started doing the James Brown shuffle followed by them splits, I just said "DAMN!"

    Ciara can work a stage like no other chick in the game right now.


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