Music video: Kanye West - Paranoid

Was that damn scalextric I saw at the 2:12 mark!? I guess the budget was low. This video is whack. The Forehead looked hot. But the video looked like the one she did for "Take a bow"'s, only in black and white, with 47% more weave and on screen text. Her acting is also suspect. She was pulling the same stiff, jerky shit she pulled in her "Disturbia" video. Kanye probably thought this was some avant garde ish, but it's just plain boring. I didn't even watch it all the way through, I just jumped to the middle, then to the end. A song like "Paranoid" should've had a much better video than this. I was hoping for some retro shit. Some glow sticks, some shutter shades, fluorescent lights, some white high tops, a crazy high top fade, 80's film grain, some booty and perhaps a titty. I like the newer mix of the song though. The additional vocals and synth work make it even hotter.

The only video I've liked from 808's & heartbreak so far have been the wicked cool "Heartless" and the fit inducing, but creative "Welcome to heartbreak". Everything else has been some lazy looking bullshit. I thought the music video for "Amazing" was dusty, but "Paranoid"'s is mo' dusty.

In other Yeezy and Fo'head news, he may be working on her album. Take from that what you will. But I'm not trying to hear the Forehead on 3 minutes of 808's, taiko percussion and auto-tune.


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