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La Roux are a British electro-pop duo. Comprised of the face and vocalist of the duo Elly Jackson, and co-songwriter and co-producer Ben Langmaid. La Roux being a duo is something you'd only know reading bio's on the group. Because Ben doesn't often appear in interviews and hasn't appeared in any of La Roux's music videos to date.

Those of you who are old enough to remember classic episodes of the ITV police drama The Bill (or watch the re-runs on UK Gold) will remember PC June Ackland, played by Trudie Goodwin. Well, Elly is her daughter. I'm ashamed to admit that I remember The Bill and said PC. And I can see it in her face that Elly is Trudie's daughter. She looks just like her. I'll always remember PC Ackland for that episode where her flat burns down and a bitch loses it when she returns to the aftermath and see's her cat burnt to a crisp on the floor. That shit had me dying.

La Roux rose to popularity with their second single "In for the kill", which entered the UK charts at number 2. I have to confess, I wasn't keen on the song at first, but it grew on me after repeated listens.

Listen: In for the kill

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"In for the kill" is La Roux's second single. Despite "Quicksand" being the group's debut single, many regard "In for the kill" as the first; seeing as it was the song which charted best ("Quicksand" charted at 129 - ouch!) and placed La Roux on everyone's radars.

It's understandable why many wouldn't like La Roux's songs, as Elly doesn't have the smoothest vocals. You could question whether she can actually sing at all. But the 80's sound allows her to somewhat get away it. Because let's face it... The 80's was run rampant with chicks who could barely hold a tune. And the songs always held up because of how well produced and catchy they were and the cool (and horrendously cheesy) music videos. La Roux is all about this.

Time will tell whether La Roux can go the distance and make an attempt to transform pop in the same way the likes of their clear influences The Eurythmics and David Bowie did. Or if they end up being a gimmick and fad that soon passes. Because as cool as La Roux's sound is, it's not 100% unique or fresh. The 80's sound is ever popular right now, and not only in States' and the UK, but worldwide.

I will be checking out La Roux's debut album, as I like what I've heard from it so far. They have an angle, a niche style and a clear definition of how they want to sound which is always good - especially so early in a career. This same mind set certainly didn't hurt Lady GaGa's debut.

La Roux's homes on the web: Official website | My space


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