Music video: Beyoncé - Broken-hearted girl

"Broken-hearted girl" wasn't a song I liked at first. But I've been letting it play though whenever my iPod shuffles to it, and really do like the song now.

I'm not really liking the video though. The Beyondroid looks nice, but it's so boring to watch. More watchable than "Halo", but still 'meh'-tastic. Plus, the Beyondroid isn't the best and most convincing actress. When she's goading a n***a about how he should've put a ring on it: she's believeable. When she tries to look smitten in love or broken hearted: I don't buy it. I like my Beyondroid void of emotion, thrashing a weave and dancing in heels, and something short 'n tight that shows off the legs and booty.

I'm tired of this black and white bullshit too, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I like that the Beyondroid is all for consistency between her album photoshoot and her music videos. But it's getting silly now. I wonder why the same consistency couldn't be spread to the music on her patchy I am... Sasha Fierce album.

I'm hoping the B'droid brings it for the "Sweet dreams" music video. And she best gimme a damn video for "Radio". She can't pass a chance to release that as a single when it's so hot.

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