Music video: Ciara featuring Missy Elliott - Work

As much I enjoyed this video, I felt it could've been a bit better. Just a teeny bit. The concept behind the video was hot and it looked great. But I wanted more in the way of choreography.

The moves Ciara puts down are HOT! Can't no chick in the game touch her with the dancing. The poppin' on second run of the chorus was just so fly it's stupid. The backwards two step in the heels was way hotter than it should've been, as was the frantic ponytail swinging. ("I bet'cha can't do it like me!!" Yes. CiCi is shooting that at YOU B. I know the Beyondroid is MAD at Ciara for that, and will probably devote 2 minutes of the "Sweet dreams" video to thrashing a weave so violently she'll develop whiplash just to top Ciara's). But I think a song like this needed to have more choreography behind it that was memorable to the point where people are mimicking it in the clubs. I really did want more than just poppin', two stepping, pony tail swinging and a shoulder shuffle from Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Not enough was done for the end of the song neither. I LOVE how Danja and Ms. Lago just f**k with the beat and stop, start and rewind it. The dancing and editing should've been played with to match it, but instead we just get Ciara kicking sand in a dress and snappin' fangaz whilst Missy shakes her fat arse on some tyres.

Ciara looked great, which has been the one constant and consistent thing throughout Ciara's video's since "Promise". She's really grown into her physical sexuality. And manages to stay looking sexy whether she's thuggin' it out in ripped jeans and padded Chuck Taylor's, or vampin' it up in minuscule bikini's heels and dresses. She's rising up the ranks QUICKLY to being one of the sexiest chicks in the game. (Again...the Beyondroid is mad angry!)

It's been approximately a year since "Work" leaked, but the song is still fire. And this video should hopefully add fuel to it, because I do think it's hot. I guess I just wanted a little more because I just love the song so much.


  1. It's sick, I love it!

    But I wonder why it's so different to the single? It kind of makes me mad.

  2. Oh the single version doesn't have the "betta work" part at the end OR the beat switching at the end it just....ends. Also I think this video is hot the choreography is OUT OF CONTROL where does does it. Bomb ass video she worked it out. Should've come with this as the lead for Fantasy Ride and I bet it would've been hyped to all hell!

  3. Oh no. Seriously!? Damn. I have the promo version of the song, but didn't bother listening to it. I already have the album version, so just gave the Instrumental air time.

    That's a real shame. Because the beat switch at the end is what takes the song to that next level. The way Danja and Ms. Lago mess with the beat is so stupid. I LOVE it! :D Clubs best be hopping on the album version.

    I've liked "Work" every since the second leak dropped without Missy Elliott. I was always lobbying for this to be a lead single from back then. If she had gone with "High price" as a lead single and then dropped the newer mix of "Work" afterwards with this video - Fantasy ride would've done better. Everybody was waiting on her new album back then and "High price" was getting a lot of love from fans and critics alike. It seemed like it was set to be a hit. That followed by "Work" and she would've blown up I think. Plus way back then, half of her album hadn't leaked. That definitely has not helped her sales.

    I just hope now that "Work" is FINALLY a single, that it does big things. It certainly has the potential to.

    I can't get enough of Ciara in that turquoise PVC dress. The way she 2 steps in that shit is too much. Only she could do the simplest move and make it look that hot.

  4. "Work" is just the single in the UK. "Like A Surgeon" is the US single.

  5. My eyes popped out of my head when she started kicking up sand in that turquoise mini dress and sexy ass boots. She fit that dress RIGHT! Damn she is sexy! The nod to Thriller was cool and you can never have too much booty poppin'.

    Hot video.

  6. The backwards 2-step and sand kicks in the PVC turquoise dress is my fave part of the whole video. I re-wound it over and over.


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