When n***a's have too much money

T-Pain-in-the-ass and his BIG ASS CHAIN
You know what good ol' Uncle Ruckus said about a million dollars getting thrown into a monkey cage. Truth. This shit to our left is one of many things that happens when a n***a has too much money.

T-Pain-in-the-ass went and bought himself a 'Big ass chain'. The chain is cool in a "This shit is so stupid it's making me laugh" kinda way. But I wouldn't spend $410, 000 on it. Yes. The 'Big ass chain' chain costs THAT much. I'd rather put a down payment on a house for my parents with that, ball out at Louis Vuitton (I want me an LV wallet and man bag), have an Urban outfitter store shut down so I can get my shop on or go on a wild holiday in Japan with a bunch of friends on me. I could do all those things let alone one of 'em with that money!

T-Pain is a bit of a laughing stock. His music is my guilty pleasure, as I can't front: the dude has some talent. I just hope he's in on the joke that is his public image and career. If he is, then cool. We can somewhat justify this mess.


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