2NE1 mix it up, and just don't care

The 2NE1 girls performed their second single "I don't care" at SBS's Inkigayo. The song sounded a little different this time though...

The original version is still the boss. But it was a cool to hear the song switched up differently, and gives fans something new to roll with. I'm sure everybody is starting to get sick of the original about now, and has already rinsed off every track on 2NE1's mini album.

I wish the stylists would do more with Bom than just style her with bangs and chuck her in a dress with a mini skirt. All the other girls looked cool, quirky, fly and edgy. Bom just looked boring.

Minzy and CL (as always) swagged their shit right out. They don't even have to try any more. Dara continues to win me over. Her big hair helped her stand out and she had the whole sass thing goin' on which was cute. Somebody needs to talk to Bom. Because right now, if home girl left the group or got kicked out, I honestly wouldn't care.


  1. I don't why but it suits because it's summer.


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