Harper's Bazaar does Janet

Janet Jackson in Harper Bazaar
Janet Jackson did her first interview since Michael's passing with Harper's Bazaar. She reminisces on Michael and what she's been up to, and it's a really nice read, which you can check out at Harper's Bazaar's website.

Give it a read: Janet Jackson takes Control

I harbour more love for Janet than I do Michael. I've always been a fan of Michael's, but Janet is the one whose albums I'd buy day of release, whose songs I know better and who I had the biggest crush on growing up. (Would be kinda creepy if I had a crush on Michael wouldn't it!?) I own a bunch of her singles on Vinyl, along with the vinyl LP's of Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 (both of which I own on CD too). And have every album of her's except Design of decade. Yes... even Damita Jo and 20 Y.O. My Janet love goes deep and don't get one bit of futha muckin' sleep!

I didn't even know Jermaine and Janet had broken up!! Say what you will about the Gremlin, but he made Janet happy and loved her a great deal. It's a shame after so many years together that they've called it a day. Shit hitting the crapper of life usually spawns an artists best music though. Janet losing two men she loved is bound to impact Janet's music creatively in a BIG way. At least Janet no longer being with Jermaine means he won't produce for her any more (or I hope...) Because 90% of the material he gave her was awful. "Rock with U" and "Show me" were bangers. Everything else was doo-doo. I hope she reaches out to Rodney Jerkins again, who did not put a foot wrong on Discipline.


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