Britney and that nu-nu coming in March

Britney will be dropping that nu-nu in March. I would be a lying arse bastard if I said I wasn't even a little bit excited. The bitch can't dance anymore. And you may as well give up on her ever singing live now. But Britney always comes correct with the singles. You can hate on her all you like. But you know she does not f**k around with the singles.

Britney's new album will be preceded by the single "Hold it against me", which is produced by long term collaborator Max Martin and the man responsible for Katy Perry and Ke$ha's break out hits: Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke and Max Martin also will be executive producing Britney's seventh new album, which marks the first time in 9 years that Max Martin will be heavily involved with a Britney album. The last album he had a heavy hand in was her 2001 self-titled release - which saw Max's grip loosen on Britney's music considerably, as she transitioned into a more 'Urban' sound (whatever 'Urban' is these days). After Jive's decision to have Max Martin produce Britney's lead singles from her debut more time and her reord breaking follow up Oops!...I did it again, the lead single to come off of her third album was The Neptunes produced "I'm a slave 4 U". And the one signature Max Martin produced song to become a single ("Overprotected") got a remix from (once) R&B producer Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins, which went on to get its own video and garner greater rotation on both radio and music television than Max Martin's original. Ouch!

After Max's absence from In the zone and Blackout, the couple reunited again for Circus ("If U seek Amy") and then hooked up together again for "3". And if these songs were anything to go by, they still have a chemistry. So the prospect of them working together again is pretty exciting. Max Martin's sound is different from how it was back in the 90's, but it's having the same effect of topping charts and having everybody sound the same. I just hope he and Dr. Luke don't go and have Britney's album sound like a Katy Perry record. Because that would be some BS. Britney was pushing them units and was albums deep before Katy knew how to suck a dick for a record deal. Dr. Luke needs to save his "Tik tok" recycles for some other ho. Or Ke$ha's next album, which will probably be called Dinosaur - because bitch is already old news.

Britney's seventh studio album has been linked to several producers and songwriters. The roster of which includes (but is not limited to) Alex da Kidd, Danja, The Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, William Orbit, Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. Although we will not know which producers other than Max and Luke will make the cut until we have an official list of album credits.

I've come up with some album titles for Britney too. Just in case Britney and Jive are coming up stuck.
  • Unbeweaveable
  • Custody
  • Papa don't preach
  • Ragged ass star
  • Swaggerless
  • The original ho
  • Loco
  • 2 weddings and a funeral


  1. OMGGGG I'm so excited for this! >_< when Britney comes you know bitches better grab their wigs tight and run for the hills.
    This album is gonna be epic, "Circus" was Britney putting her foot back in the water after her issues in the "Blackout" era but now i think she's ready for action again.
    I'm looking forward to the dubstep stuff she was working on with Rusko that should be cool and the video for "Hold it against me".
    Britney can actually still dance *see "Mannequin" rehearsal vid* i just dunno why she didn't in the last era but apparently she's been working on Choreo for the new vid for a month so i'm pretty hopefull.
    Anyway here's to Britney's 4th US no1 single and 6th No1 album.

  2. Personally, this album won't be great to me unless it lives up to the precedent set by Blackout. I could give a damn what Britney did promotion-wise. I'm all about the sonic aura.

  3. let's not play...we know it's gonna be solid. yes, blackout was on point and set britney's standard pretty high, but circus was nothing to shake a stick at. brit's not gonna half step with any of this -- those producers are some big names and it's wayyyyy too many of them for the album not to be hot! whether two of them collaborated or twenty, jive and britney don't doubt in my mind she'll come in wrecking shop and shut the charts DOWN!


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