Lady Gaga's new year's news

Lady Gaga made an announcement on New year's, confirming her new album release date and news on the lead single. She was so focused on remembering to tweet the news, she forgot to put on some underwear. She needs to come to London dressed like that. Make a bitch learn her lesson the hard way about skimping on clothes in below zero temperatures.

I honestly did not think The fame was as amazing as everybody made it out to be. Gwen Stefani did the whole thing back in 2006 with Love.Angel.Music.Baby, and did it better in my opinion. But I won't hate for no reason if this new album turns out to be good. I just wish Lady Gaga would stop gassing on about the album and give everybody a chance to wonder about the project. She tweets on the shit everyday! It wouldn't surprise me if she leaked the album on isohunt herself a week before it comes out.

Beyonce and Britney in comparison both have new albums due in 2011 and have said so little on them. And as a result I want their albums more. Nothing sparks interest and curiosity more than having so little to go on. And right now I feel like I've seen and heard everything from Gaga already. I really do hope for her and her fans sakes that she switches things up. Otherwise more and more people will fall out of love with her and just get tired of her.

Born this way will be released on May 23, with the single dropping on February 13.


  1. I'm so over Gaga this album will be a flop i think. You're so right about her hyping this album, so far all she's done is make some pretty good dance pop and bad Elton John rip off ballads but she seems to think she's created some new Genre.
    She's been saying stuff like "this is the soundtrack to a generation" and "the best album of the decade" i just can't with her over inflated album.
    "The Fame" wasn't that good besides the singles and while "the fame monster" was better it was definately nothing new or outstanding.
    People are already bored of her stupid costumes and attention seeking ways and it's not gonna help her, she's alienating the general public who buy most of the albums.

    P.S looks like she's pulling a bandana out of her flat ass :/ or is she trying to hide her wig before Britney snatches it? lol

  2. So certain artists can be doing the same thing for 10 years and people love them (certainly not for their talent) but GaGa does it for 1 and people are sick of her already?

    Sick of her or not, at least she has talent. Can't say that for some artists.

  3. ^ She has an *OK* voice that's all and *SOMEO* people were one of the best entertainers ever in their time, can't say the same for Gaga...


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