2NE1 @ Jeremy Scott's party

2NE1 kick it at Jeremey Scott's AdiOriginals party
2NE1 hit up Jeremy Scott's Adidas party as not only guests, but performers! It only makes sense, given that YG entertainment seem to blow most of their budget decking the girls' out in his clothes. They're liking walking catalogues for his whole range!

Minzy was absent from the shin-dig, as she is still underage (SHAME!!) But that didn't stop CL, Dara and Bom steppin' out looking like somebody emptied a skip full of Jeremy Scott threads all over them.

I'm not feeling what CL and Dara are wearing at all. It just looks like they tried way too hard, and they aren't selling the look to me. Bom on the other hand looks smokin'. Simple, but still fly and bad ass. She's working the hell out of those boots.


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