Music video: Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé - Telephone

"Trust is a like a mirror. You can fix it if it's broke. But you can still see the crack in that mutha f**kin' refelction". I like that one. It made me laugh.

Beyoncé's tities were looking lovely in this video. They detracted from her nasty wigs and dodgy acting. Check her at 5:16. Bitch is probabaly looking at her lines srcibbled down on a bit of paper, taped to the steering wheel. But them titties were lovely.

I felt the video was trying too hard at times. And if I were to choose my fave between this and "Paparazzi", it'd be "Paparazzi" every time. But Lady Gaga is all about pushing buttons and bringing in a spectacle, and she certainly did it with this video. Most other chicks would probably take a song like this and have it be 3 minutes of them dancing choreographed steps on some shiny ass floor and fluorescent lights flashing in the background, with somebody whipping out a telephone and stanky leggin' when the hook comes in. But not Gaga. She's makes some Kill Bill like ish out of it. I love how Gaga continues to bring that grandiose creative element to her music videos that artists used to back in the MTV hey day.

This made Beyoncé's "Video phone" look like absolute garbage. Beyoncé and Gaga fans were both upset by that whackness. But I think they'll be more than happy with this. Gaga doin' Gaga and Beyoncé doin' Beyoncé on a Gaga swag.


  1. damn! you sure are on the grind tho! the vid just premiered here in the states less than 30 mins ago!

  2. wow i though that was way better than paparazzi & appart from Beyonce's pathetic attempt at acting it was perfect.
    There were some hilarious bits in it and the costumes were up to gaga's standards... it was cool to see B decked out in gagas style not like the shit gaga had to wear for videophone lol
    I hope it is continued it was like a little film lol

  3. My least favorite part was Beyonce's verse in the truck. Other than that, I loved the video! It had a very Tarantino feel to it, and not just because the Pussy Wagon made a cameo. :P (LOVE Kill Bill!)

    It was just over the top and wacky goodness.


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