Music video: Trina featuring Keri Hilson & P. Diddy - Million dollar girl

Why do chicks on hip hop joints always think a beach suit with knee high boots and some fur coat with glasses is the epitome of fly and money, when it makes them look like a trashy ho?

I didn't think I would, but I really like this song. Diddy's rapping is a joke, Trina always be rapping about the same two things (f**kin' n***a's good and money), you can guess what she's going to rhyme with what at the end of each line, and the beat sounds like a brighter version of Diddy 'n Keyshia Cole's "Last night" - but "Million dollar girl" is doin' it for me. It makes me wanna bounce, and Keri 'the chorus girl' Hilson does her thing nicely. In fact, I think her part is the best part of the whole song!

The video was that same ol', same ol', but it was a fun, colourful video which suited the song fine. And Trina didn't look half bad neither. Keri's head top and her clothes were looking a little iffy, but I'd still lay the smack down on her from behind.


  1. i've been a trina fan since way back (still play "pull over" and "single again" like it's my job!) this is BANGIN! i'm loving it - played it 3 times before i came to comment! it's def cute and fun, it's a lil early for a summer hit tho. trina looked sooo good- cute and sassy; i hardly recognized her at :48! she betta werq!

  2. I'm all about the hook and the beat :)

    This song has BIG hit potential. I can't stop playing it *lol*

  3. WHOA!!!! i was expecting some lame boring shit since thats what usually happens when a song features kerri lol
    this is HOT omg l ove it lol even diddy sounded like he actually gave a f*** for once 0_o


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