Sugababes get dropped in America...

Roc Nation dumps the 4.0's
The 4.0's are rumoured to have been dropped by their US label Roc Nation. Their names have been removed on the official label website, leading many to believe thae the girls' have been dropped. If this is the case, then I can't say I'm surprised. I was shocked they got a US distribution deal in the first place. As cool as the Sugababes were (emphasis on the word were) I never once thought they'd ever really be big in America. And whilst the 4.0's Sweet 7 has a much more US sound than any other Sugababes album, it's complete rubbish as a result. So go figure!

At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me if the girls go dropped by Island records in the UK too. Sugababes are a mess now, and the good name is just being run into the ground. I was willing to support the 4.0's if the music was good, but it's not. It's the absolute worst it's ever been.

Island will give these girls another shot at an album; given all of Sweet 7's singles so far have debuted in the top 10 and the album is still in the charts. But if another album under performs, it's over. Sugababes are still suffering the backlash from the whole Keisha departure, so the 4.0's really do have an uphill battle on their hands to turn this all around.


  1. I was wondering that earlier too actually, I haven't seen any US release date for their Sweet 7 album and no promotion on their part. So I assume the plan to conquer the US had gone to pot.

  2. Not to be cynical, but I didn't think the whole US thing would ever really happen. The 'babes hadn't done anything since Mutya left to really warrant heading to the US: as their sales and hit appeal had declined ever since.


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