The Forehead to release "Te amo" as her 4th single from Rated R

The Forehead - Te amo [by Random J ;P]
Despite word that "Rude boy" would be the final single off of Rated R, it's looking as though Def Jam will indeed extend the Rated R lifespan by releasing the Stargate produced and James Fauntleroy penned "Te amo". I liked the song back from when it leaked a year ago. Here in lies the problem with pushing "Te amo" as a single: it was old from long before Rated R released, and it's damn old now.

Def Jam are a mess. It's good for The Forehead that they're willing to put out another single. But it's shit that they're going with "Te amo" instead of "Rockstar 101", which was one of the few songs on Rated R that scream out hit single. It's almost as though Def Jam are nipping any further chance of The Forehead being put forth as this edgy chick in the bud, and are instead choosing to play it safe with a song that could easily have been on her past three albums. You could say the same for "Rude boy" too.

Let's see how The Forehead rolls with this music video - given the song is about some girl on girl grinding. After showing the skills in the "Rude boy" music video, The Forehead best go the distance and whine and grind like her "Te amo"'s single success depends on it.

Hear the song: Te amo
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