A look behind the scenes of The Forehead's "S&M" video

I see that Def Jam have snatched that wheel and road blocked the lane which leads back to Rated R well and truly. You'd expect for "S&M" to feature a pretty dark video. But it looks as though we'll be getting something similar to "Rude boy". Lots of colour. Lots of different wigs 'n outfits. Playfulness. And Melina in the director's seat. Def Jam took note of how dark and edgy did nothing for album sales, and are ensuring that every Rihanna video from here on out looks like somebody threw up a box of Lucky charms all over it.

It's going to be interesting to see this and Britney's forthcoming "Hold it against me" video. Both teasers we've seen so far have shown that both videos will have moments which focus on the media's obsession with the stars, as opposed to just following the narrative of the song. And both ladies are dropping club-ready-as-hell singles too. Hair pieces will get ripped the f**k out.

"S&M" is one of my favourite songs from Loud. It's short, catchy and that synth-line just won't quit. If only The Forehead didn't sound like Justin Beiber on the middle-eight, it'd be near perfect.


  1. It is MY Favorite song on the Album - point blank!!

    Can't wait to see the battle charts between those gurls

  2. Looks cool, I'm really looking forward to JLO's "On the floor" vid too have you seen the behind the scenes footage? it looks hot.

    HIAM > OTF > S&M (video anticipation)


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