Random J Pop original: Random J - Tick tock

After the warm response I received for my hood Christmas anthem, I was asked to do a New years' song as well. So I did. Here goes... the new years' drunken anthem: "Tick tock". Ke$ha best take her 1 dollar and run for them hills...

Listen: Tick tock

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© 2011 Deaf Jam

I cannot believe it's 2011 already. 2010 just flew by! I hate it. At this rate before we know it we'll all be OAP's and be dead. Wow. That was rather morbid wasn't it!? So I'll brighten things by saying that I hope 2011 is a great year for you. And that we're all still in good health, and connected via this random lil' music blog this time next year.

A ma-hoooosive thank you to everybody who reads, comments, drops by and thereby contributes to this blog. Take your pick of hugs, kisses or handshakes from me, and bring on 2012!!


  1. Shit should've been on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve!

  2. i lolled hard. :) The picture killed it.
    Happy new year J
    sio xoxo

  3. ahhhhh!!!! ***FLATLINE!***

    sometimes you really wild out and i LOVE IT!!! it's the reason i check for this blog damn near every day! happy new year j! keep it up!


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