Beni is the "Crazy girl" and the flyest girl in her new music video

When Beni proclaimed she was a "Crazy girl" in song, the ho was not lying. Check her out in a snippet of the upcoming  music video. Bitch is looking to snatch Jasmine, BeyoncĂ©, Kumi Koda and Iconiq's wigs with this shit right here.

Beni looks hot. I'm feeling the new hair colour. The long purple weave ponytail. And she is killing the captain's cap look dead. This could be the image and sound shift which pushes Beni up a few notches in Japan and also garners her some Western exposure.

Crystal Kay needs to do something. Her homegirl is shaming her shit right now and just threw "Flash" in a dustbin.


  1. I'm not feeling the choreo, but I guess I'll wait for the whole video. At least she's getting up and dancing, unlike her bff crystal with her dusty as choreography. I hope crystal is taking dance lessons with all this time off that she has. She seemed to be improving with her 10th anniversary tour, and she was dancing with a lot more energy during J-wave 2010.

  2. i agree with the choreo statement. it's a cute song and if she's killing the looks i need the choreo to slay too. but i'll keep an eye out for this. i've been sleeping on beni.

  3. You know she's releasing another single called "Darlin" on October 12th...and her fourth album "Fortune" on November 2nd? I'm pretty sure you've got something to say about the small gap between "Jewel" and now J....

  4. And this is why I love J-pop, there are tons of fierce female solo artists trashing hair weaves like there's no tomorrow and splurging on designer clothes...

    Cheers for BENI!

  5. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS GIRL HAVE TO DO TO REACH THE TOP 10 ON THE ORICION WEEKLY? These two were solid singles, but ranked at 49 this week. That's so disappointing.

  6. Beni usually sells better digitally.


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