JoJo performs a song of Rihanna's. Shames a ho.

JoJo - What's my name @ Hard rock cafe, Baltimore | Live performance

With JoJo on a new label and at a point publicly where people are beginning to care about her (we'll see how this stands once Talk that talk drops) she's been making select stops and performing her ass off.

JoJo took to the stage of Hard rock cafe in Baltimore to perform an acoustic rendition of the Bajan pigeon's worldwide smash "What's my name?" Needless to say, JoJo sung that ho under a roadsweeper. I love the tone that JoJo's live voice has. It exudes this raw texture and tone that you never seem to hear on her studio recordings.

JoJo's third studio album Jumping trains is due out God knows when. Wolverine will end up dead before this album actually drops. I feel for JoJo, because she can outsing every one of these early 20 hoes in the charts right now and put out a mixtape which shitted on their mainstream releases. And yet, she has to hustle like a one legged hooker with a left arm in a sling to make that money and get projects off the ground.

JoJo needs to high budget shoot a video for "Sexy to me", make sure her style and dance game is on LOCK and put that shit out ASAP. Because that song is a hit and is giving me everything.

JoJo performs Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ in Baltimore… @ Toya'z world


  1. get it jojo! girl is werkin! she didn't need that "what's my f*ckin name" part tho...she doesn't need to curse to garner musical attention. she's so cute. still bang "in the dark" like errday tho! :D

  2. I don't know if that was shade to the repetitiveness of the song or she was just trying to be cute, but I loved it when she said "what's my f***in' name?"

  3. haha i loved the "What's my fuckin name" part... not all artists swear for attention but most people do swear in real life so i see no problem.
    Anyway JoJO is always slaying bitches vocally, she's in the same situation as Crystal Kay career wise atm and i want them both to succeed :D


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