Music video: Beyoncé - Love on top

I want to say that the amazonian android empress shot this shit and went in with the wig whipping and titty jiggling whilst she was four months gone. But she clearly shot this shit quite some time ago.

Beyoncé must have blown the whole of her video budget on "Run the world (Hoes)", because no video she's dropped since has looked like it's had a half decent budget behind it. Home girl couldn't even afford an extra suit to switch into during the final key change of the song. That's ro' as hell. Could she not have paid Tina to rustle up a cheap ass suit? It was probably Tina who hooked Beyoncé up with the stripper suits in the video in the first place. You can always spot Tina's needle game, because it looks cheap. Tina should have kept it moving four blocks down from Selfridges and released House of Deréon in Primark instead.

Album review: Beyoncé's number 4


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