Blue Ivy Decepticon Carter Knowles and her mini lacefront

Blue Ivy Decepticon Carter Knowles | Photo

Beyoncé must have been as relieved as shit when this thing popped out of her vagina looking like her and not her husband. A girl with the Jay-Z's features would have been all kinds of tragic.

And it's sickeningly adorable that Beyoncé is already smothering the shit out of this child with love - i.e weave.

I kinda hope Beyoncé  and Jay-Z pimp this child's music career young, so that I'm not old and shit by the time this child drops that music.  I want Blue Ivy Decepticon Carter Knowles' album right now.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL She does, just not as big.

  2. That flop baby is way too cute to come from the seed of satan and the womb of one of his hell hounds.


    1. LMAO I know right?! i would have thought bey paid Michelle $10.00 and a packet of crisps to be a surrigate but it's too cute for that too lol

  3. she never gave birth to this baby it is more than 1 month old


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