Music video: Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A - Give me all your luvin'

I thought fun Madonna was dead. Seems I was wrong. A fun video with charm, playfulness and even a throwback to one of her era's. Madgina really is trying to let other hoes know what time it is. She rarely if ever is self referential. And for the past 5 years she's looked as though she's been having as a much fun in her videos as she would do having her smear test in a gynaecologist clinic. It's nice to see Madgina still clearly enjoys what she's doing, which is more than what can be said for her weaveness, Miss Britney Spears.

Her Vadgesty will of course scalp every pop skank in the galaxy with "Gimme all your luvin'". But I still absolutely hate the song and the video reminded me of Britney. "But Br1tney wouldn't be around if it wasn't for thE #Queen!". I don't care. "Give me all your luvin'" was like watching a mash-up of "If U seek Amy" and "I wanna go". If you can't see it, then Madgina must have blinded you when you she opened her legs on that glass table at 2:37.

How the hell was Madgina working the blonde wig and the lace in 2012 and be looking better than she did in the 80's? The bitch.


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