Single review: Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A - Give me all your luvin'

Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A - Give me all your luvin' | Single review

I hate this song. There I said it. Opening line. Flat out. But even though I hate this song, I find myself singing along to it. Listening to it play through my head. It's almost sickening. And despite being in the game for over 25 years, Madonna still knows how to maximise this effect and dominate the world with it. The bitch.

"Give me all your luvin'" is a reminder that when it comes to music Madgina isn't really much of a trend setter. The same feeling of reinvention and newness she brings with her image has never transferred into her music. Madgina follows when it comes to the music. She does not lead. Madgina's 'thing' has always been that whatever lead single she delivers, she always makes it so catchy that it's harder to resist it than it is to like it. But that doesn't make it cutting edge. Gwen Stefani did this cheerleader shit 7 years ago with "Hollaback girl". P!nk did the 60's tinged pop rock anthem 8 years ago with "Feel good time". Avril Lavigne did it 5 years ago with "Boyfriend". Then there's the what has now become customary dubstep bridge drop (Note: Britney did this a year ago with "Hold it against me") and the featuring of M.I.A and Nicki Minaj, who has featured on everything but Cap'n Crunch's cereal boxes. Ya know, because they're cool and all that. I bet even Lourdes at the age of 15 was side eyeing this song when Madgina played it to her. It's by numbers. It's nothing new. It wont stand the test of time. It's crap. The song works well with the music video. But on its own, the song is vapid.

I hate the song itself. But I like what it potentially signals for Madgina and M.D.N.A. The fun loving, free Madgina is back. After several albums of introspective crap about society, the American dream and the ill will intentions of others; we may finally be getting an album about living life on the edge as a skank and sweating it out in the clubs. It's not the kind of thing a woman in her 50's should really be singing about. But when your whole career has been grown in a dirty foundation of pop records with song subjects such as being touched for the very first time, being a material girl and dressing up n***a's in love, you can't blame a ho for towing this hard line. After all...nobody was feeling Madonna when she actually tried to tell us anything meaningful in song form. We let Ray of light slide, because it was a good album and a completely unexpected and welcomed musical shift for Madonna. But we generally don't want this woman to get deep and meaningful in songs and tell us how to live our lives. It's because of this drivel why we all left American life on the shelf and let that shit go on special offer for £3.99 when purchased with a Britney CD.

Madonna could have done better than this. Much better. But the fans will like it. And the black, R&B loving community can rejoice that this woman will not feature on their favourite music television and radio shows. I know n***a's still be having nightmares after her appearance on BET 106 & Park to promote Hard candy.

Rating: 1 out of 10


  1. So Hard Candy was an introspective album full of statements about our society? I mean, "shake your booty and eat my candy which is raw, sticky and sweet" may be a critical reception on the state of our society, consumerism, and candy addiction, I just don't really see it.
    Imo, this song would also work on Hard Candy, which is why I fear that this album will be like "Hard Candy 2.0 - rawer, stickier, sweeter". Ugh.

  2. try to be supportive of the QUEEN BITCH. i mean, seriously, you've gotZ yourself a BLOG!! lolllllllllllllllllllll!! accomplish something first before you get all cu*ty!! :-)


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