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The fingerless glove wearing corpse is ready to pincer you in between her legs like a zombie crab from a Tim Burton stop motion movie.

Her Vadgesty's album is split evenly between French DJ Martin Sloveig and the man who brought Madonna back into the world of relevance with Ray of light, William Orbit. Fans are already parting like the waves of Moses over Martin and William's tracks despite not having heard them all in their entirety. Although to be fair, I've already done the same thing based on the God awful "Give me all your luvin'" and bits and pieces of I've heard from the album so far. And my initial feelings are that M.D.N.A could end up being a case of Madonna thinking she's on the cutting edge, when she's half a decade out. A lot like Hard candy.

Standard edition
  1. Girls gone wild
  2. Gang bang
  3. I'm addicted"
  4. Some girls
  5. I don't give a
  6. Turn up the radio
  7. Give me all your luvin' featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A
  8. B-day song featuring M.I.A
  9. Superstar
  10. I'm a sinner
  11. Masterpiece
  12. Falling free

Additional deluxe edition tracks
  1. Love spent
  2. I fucked up
  3. Beautiful killer
  4. Give me all your luvin' (Party Rock Remix) featuring Nicki Minaj & LMFAO

For the record, "B-day song" is not a diss song to Beyoncé. Although it'd be weave burningly hilarious if it were.

♪ Do I have to change my name? Will it help get you far?
Yo' post pregnant ass should lose some weight. Bitch I'm the biggest star ♪

I don't have high hopes for this album and am in the the section of M.D.N.A skeptics who are weary of Sloveig's contributions. I hate "Give me all your luvin'". "Turn up the radio" sounds like any number of miscellaneous dance records you'd hear on a Saturday morning TV advertisement plugging a new music show. "Birthday song" sounds like a slower version of "Give me all your luvin'", (therefore I auto-hate it). And as hot as "Girls gone wild" sounds, ain't nobody remembering that shit years from now. This album is running the risk of sounding like Topshop fodder.

If this ho is unable to follow up Hard candy (by NO means a difficult task) then Madgina may need to consider ceasing to record albums and just touring every 5 years until the Grim reaper fancies having this trick open her legs to her back catalog in the underworld.


  1. I'm not liking what I'm hearing thus far. To be honest I didn't really fancy "Hard Candy" either. That album did nothing for me. I adored her "Confessions on a Dance Floor" album. Now that was a great album.


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