Bonus material: A demo of Crystal Kay's "Yo yo"

Yo yo | Demo

It's seeming more and more likely that Crystal's Vivid will be a wholly pop affair. I ain't mad at that. Because the fruits of what I've heard so far have been sweet and have me anticipating this album like a mutha. Crystal's A&R team want dem hits.

Music publishing house Ole published a newsletter. And eagle eyed fans had noticed something pretty spectacular. It featured a song from Crystal's upcoming album in demo form! That song being "Yo yo". The newsletter also featured a rather interesting blurb on the song and how exactly came about and who it was originally intended for...
I wrote this song with Kylie Minogue in mind and from what I understand we almost landed that fish. Alas, this didn't happen but that does not mean in the world of publishing that the song is dead. "Yo Yo" will live again through the voice of Japanese superstar Crystal Kay.
Dat ain't no lie. Upon listening to the song, you can hear that it is Kylie to the ground. It sounds like a smash to me and wonder what made Kylie pass on it. Then again, she also passed on "Toxic". I guess when you're Kylie Minogue and you've had as many hits as her, you can afford to pass on hot tracks, because you know you'll get a hard drive full of hotness FedEx'd to you anyway. What's one persons loss is another's gain. And I'm excited to hear how Crystal laces this because I doubt I'd be all over this track as much had Kylie gotten it anyway. I know Crystal will shut this song down. You know Crystal will shut this song down. And come the end of June, the ole crew will know too.

Lyrically "Yo yo" is way sexier than anything we've heard from Crystal since "Flash" and I love that she's moving into a new place with her music. Regardless of whether you like Crystal's new angle or not, the one thing you can't knock is that Crystal is going to be showing us confidence with Vivid. And as a fan, I can't hate on her for that. Amped to hear the final version of this song and really hope Delicious deli do this album Western style and continue to push single post release, because "Yo yo" needs a music video and single treatment on iTunes. I'm still going back and forth on the David Bowie-esque 80's chorus, but the bounce on the verses are a 10.

Levey, the CK massive and I love you for the hook-up as always.

Listen: Yo yo (Demo)

Finalized version to feature on Crystal Kay's 10th studio album Vivid
© 2012 Delicious deli records, Universal music Japan

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  1. Labor of love baby, labor of love❣

    I pray that if VIVID goes the way of Spin The Musak that Universal or Miss Williams don't throw in the towel.

    Less than two weeks to go me GEMS!

  2. Interesting development. Hopefully Kuri adds more powerful vocals on the final master. Since I'm actually getting paid this summer... where's the best site to order Japanese albums from? I wanna support our girl!

    1. Try YesAsia, It's still going to cost an Arm, Leg, left eye, and left nut, but it's as good as it gets as far as importing Japanese music goes, or wait for it to release on Itunes! It's supposed to release worldwide on the day it drops with her newest flop Forever.

    2. Already got my prosthetic replacement limbs on standby for when I pay up for this album. Hopefully the hotness that is this album will soothe the pain of my missing extremities.

    3. Lmfao It's all worth it for crystal.

  3. YESSSS!!! this is a hot track, totally Kylie though so maybe they'll tweak it a bit to make it more CK.
    One thing for sure is that tracks Kylie passes on become HITS lol let this happen for CK *prays*

  4. Good to hear CK on that lower register again! Mmm! Lookin forward to this album!


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