Music video: 2NE1 - Be mine

After so many shitty Euro club records and attempts to be hood, it's nice to see 2NE1 flip things and strip everything back. Well...everything but the make-up. CL's face looks like it can barely move under those 2 inches of Shiseido and Bom's face still looks like it's permanently frozen into an expression of surprise. Dara and Minzy were the only members whose faces looked human. Although Minzy looked ill and was suited up like a 30 year old woman.

I've been going through a period of falling out with 2NE1. I loved them when they debuted and then got sick of them doing the same thing, wearing the same shit, dropping the same watered down versions of songs they and Big Bang had already done and just trying too hard. But "Be mine" reminds me of a moment in 2NE1's careers when I liked them the most - back when they were showing everybody a completely different side to their style and talents with performances of the acoustic version of "I don't care". A version which was mis-appropriately named, seeing as it wasn't so much acoustic as it was a light reggae remix.


  1. I'm bored of this sitting and singing bullshit.

    I've always loved what 2NE1 was doing; and I want to see Bom in a full body leather catsuit and Minzy pussy popping on a mirrored floor.

    They out swagged all of Korea in their prime.

  2. I respect 2NE1 but they are boring. One of the best things about K-Pop is how it always changes and there's always interesting new music and concepts and stuff. 2NE1 is just like watching any american act (although, more talented than most).

    I wish you posted more about K-Pop groups like Sunny Hill, Brown Eyed Girls, etc.

    I'm sick of Luke shading K-Pop for being generic dance when the only K-Pop acts he stans for is like 4minute, 2NE1, BoA etc -_-

    You need to be showin' your J-Pop readers more K-Pop acts instead of these generic hoes like 2NE1.

    I do like 2NE1 though. I pretty much like all K-Pop girl groups, just like some more than others.

    Also, thanks for posting MEG's Trap, I love that song.

    1. "You need to be showin' your J-Pop readers more K-Pop acts"

      DO NOT WANT. We get enough K-pop crap; let's keep it to a minimum.

    2. I know J is gonna post what he wants, but I think the amount of the K-pop posted here is good enough. I would like to hear your thoughts on Sunny Hill, but other than that I couldn't give 2 shits about K-pop. I like 2ne1, well more like I'm a fan of Minzy and Cl. And Proph please, there is little to no originality in K-pop if you've seen one act, you've pretty much seen them all. I'm honestly sick of K-pop because it's always the same shit, and I swear the bigger artists recycle music video sets. K-pop is manufactured and the record labels are all about squeezing the life out of their artists, and the money out of the fans. I Honestly want K-pop and the crazed stans to go away.

      If anything J-pop is what needs more exposure. The Japanese music industry seems to be at a steady decline in recent years, and the talented artists are all flopping while generic groups with too many members conquer the charts. The reason I like this blog so much is because it gives me my J-pop fix and a good laugh. If I wanted to read about K-pop I would visit the other hundreds of blogs and articles available.


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