Album art + tracklisting: Hiromi - Honesty

Hiromi - Honesty | Album art + tracklisting

My favourite J-R&B chick Hiromi has not been dropped (yet). She's been hard at work grinding away for her 3rd studio album. Honesty will release on October 24th. Hiromi ain't big dawgs, so the album will only release in CD form as Rainbow and Magic did. Sugabee records have NO budget for music videos. Ya'll remember that "Yes" video.

  1. I need you -I want to be loved- | I need you -愛されたい-
  2. One love featuring Simon
  3. Resemble each other | 似たものどうし
  4. Honesty featuring Hisatomi
  5. My last
  6. Teenage love
  7. Surprise attack love | 不意打ち love
  8. Tell me
  9. Reason
  10. The last time I said 「I love you」 | 最後の「愛してる」
  11. Butterflies
  12. Incomplete | 未完成 
  13. The light
  14. See you again | また会える

Some of English titles of the songs featuring Japanese titles may change once somebody who actually knows Japanese translates them officially, as I had to run those shits through Google translate.

Honesty will release on October 24th. This will be followed up by a digital single release of "Resemble each other", produced by T-SK who co-produced "Let's go", "Yeah-oh" and "Go round ('n round 'n round)" for Queen Namiserable. The song will impact iTunes on November 16th. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps the song is a tie in with something which release around this time. Home girl could do with a product tie in. She should holla at cosmetics like Ayu and Namie. Be the face of coffee like Crystal Kay. Or go one better and be the face of real estate and housing like Karina.

Hiromi buckled with Magic. So I'm going to need her to channel whatever the f**k allowed her to deliver Rainbow, because that album was just crack city. I've not left that album alone for more than 5 days since its release in 2009.

Reviews: Hiromi's debut album Rainbow | Hiromi's follow up Magic


  1. "yes" and "more&more" shit one everything jpop in the past 2-3 years.

  2. I liked Magic, it wasn't as good as Rainbow, but it was still good and took a steaming hot pile of shit on the likes of bitches like JuJu, Jamosa, and Miliyah. Rainbow was hot from start to finish, with the only song I skip being Vanilla. I want this new album to be good, but I haven't been feeling the singles from this era.

  3. She is seriously my favorite Jpop singer currently. I wish sooo badly if she was more popular because she sooo deserves it. I love her music soo much!!

    1. I feel ya. I still play Rainbow to this day. "Yes" will always be THE jam. Even with its clip-art music video.

  4. omg i love this chick, personally i think shes better for ballads and someone like s-key-a fits rnb.


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