Album arts + tracklist: Kumi Koda - Color the cover

Album arts + tracklist: Kumi Koda - Color the cover | Album arts + tracklist: Kumi Koda - Color the cover |
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Kumi Kehovah straight up went Whitney's Greatest hits meets Lego with this shit, but I like it. Well...kinda. Love the CD + DVD edition of the cover on the left. Hate the CD only version on the right. I value and hold the skankness of Kumi Koda in high regard, so that part of me is glad that Kumi is upholding the tramp within, as it makes me feel she is making an attempt to please me personally. But as I look at Kumi partaking in this leather jacket, ripped shirt, mouth opened mess, I feel nothing. Kumi looks a shit tonne sexier in the dress version of the album cover, despite being covered up and having half of her face obscured by her hair. This is the new sexy I feel Kumi should begin to embrace wholly, because she looks smoking and sells the sex so much more convincingly with what looks like minimal effort. And ya'll who have been rolling with me for some time know how I feel about Kumi posing with her mouth open.

Now. Let's talk about the music.

Color the cover is...a cover album, following an internal industry fax which went out in Japan that this cover albums is the new cray as opposed to Best albums - something I credit to Beni somehow managing to choke hold the charts for months on end with Covers. This is not want Kehovah's witnesses expected as a comeback album, but it makes a nice change. Even if my anticipation for hearing these covers have already been slapped and dashed after hearing "Shake hip!". Shit sounds awful. KAT-TUN did a better cover of this song 5 years ago.

  1. Pink spider | ピンク スパイダー original performed by Hide with Spread Beaver
  2. Lovely | ラブリー original performed by Ozawa Kenji
  3. Shake hip! original performed by Kome Kome club
  4. Dou ni mo tomaranai | どうにもとまらない original performed by Yamamoto Linda
  5. Jounetsu | 情热; Passion original performed by UA
  6. Blue velvet original performed by Kudou Shizuka
  7. Otoko | 「男」 original performed by Kubou Ruriko
  8. Koyoi no tsuki no you ni | 今宵の月のように original performed by Elephant Kashimashi
  9. One more time, One more chance original performed by Yamazaki Masayoshi
  10. Alone original performed by Okamoto Mayo
  11. Uta wa waga inochi | 歌は我が命 original performed by Misora Hibari

Given that Ayu somehow managed to top the ORICON chart with A Classical, there is no reason in the world that Kumi can't top a chart with this, abysmal chart performance of "Koishikute" aside. As jaded as I am about this album, I know there will be a handful of songs on it I'll like.


  1. A little glad she isn't releasing the usual studio album this year....the covers are gorgeous and I hope the songs are too. I really liked her last cover album


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