Single arts + tracklist: Perfume - Mirai no museum

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Perfume are on some Sherlock Holmes, Professor Layton shit for "Mirai no museum". Nocchi is on those knees and giving me legs, so I'm appeased with the outfit direction. Even though I really do not like the song. Here is a snippet of it for those who haven't yet heard it. If you get caught up in how hot Perfume look a tweed 'n' lace brogue heel combo and how cute they look in anime form, it's easy to overlook how not amazing this song is.

Thankfully the "Mirai no museum" single will come with a B-side, which I'm pinning all hopes on at this point.

  1. Mirai no museum | 未来のミュージアム
  2. Daijo banai | だいじょばない
  3. Mirai no museum | 未来のミュージアム (Instrumental)
  4. Daijo banai | だいじょばない (Instrumental)

To be honest I'm not even antsy for a new Perfume single, because I'm still playing the shit out of "Spending all my time".

"Mirai no museum" is released on February 27th.

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  1. Let's hurry up and get this Single out the way and behind us.

  2. Omg love this review. I am pinning all hopes on the B-side too. My only nakata fix this whole month has been that new 15 seconds of kimi ni 100%


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