Album art: Kelly Rowland - Talk a good game

Album art: Kelly Rowland - Talk a good game |

Beyoncé's ex back-up singer has released 2 singles about her pussy, so it's only right she sells some sex on her album cover and boy does she sell it. Kelly McRowland looks hawt! Kelly's display of strategically covered titty and choice of wig looks much better and sexier than Beyonce's on 4. Just putting that out there.

Kelly's third studio flop is slated for a June 18th release. We all wondered why Beyoncé hadn't let the cat out of the bag regarding her album release date. This is why. She was waiting for Kelly to announce her shit first so she could doo-doo on her from a great height with a release date which throws Kelly's chances of success into utter jeopardy. Not that she needs Beyoncé to do this. Kelly is capable of flopping all by herself. Let's all set our watches for Pepsiyoncé to announce her album is dropping the week before Kelly's and that she's making an in-store appearance at the grand opening of a new store H&M in NYC the day Kelly's album drops. Beyoncé won't let the step children of destiny catch no shine.

If Talk a good game is more Ms. Kelly than Here I am, then I'll be pleased. But if it's going to be 13 tracks of Kelly singing about the needs of her pussy, then I'm going to have to pass. And based on "Ice", "Kisses down low", the album title and the album cover, all signs are pointing towards Kelly's vagina.


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