P!nk releases her album title track "Beautiful trauma" and a bitch still can't accept she's in love

P!nk - Beautiful trauma | Random J Pop

P!nk has released the title track of her 7th studio album Beautiful trauma, which is produced by Jack Antonoff of Fun, Bleachers and Taylor Swift fame. Obviously. Because he be the go to guy these days for white girls in pop with indie sensibilities.

I wasn't in love with the Beautiful trauma lead single "What about us?". I liked the sentiment of the song and the inclusive visual that went with it. But it just didn't stick with me the way that P!nk's lead singles usually do. "Beautiful trauma" is a much catchier song, but I'm kinda done with these 'you're fucked up, I'm fucked up, but hey, I still love you tho' type songs that we get every single album. Bitch, we get it. We got it 3 albums ago.

And maybe it's just me, but despite this sounding very much like a P!nk song as a whole, I can't help but hear Taylor Swift during the pre-hook chant. A remnant of Jack working with Taylor, no doubt.

"Beautiful trauma" is not a bad song. There are elements to it that I like. The clarity in P!nk's vocals for one and the way that Antonoff filters P!nk's ad-libs and has them sneak in and out of the verses and pre-chorus is a nice touch. The chorus (if you can call it that) features a really nice horn and string arrangement that I wish was more prominent across the whole song and completely bumped out the rebellious angst of the verses. I hope P!nk flips the song during live sets and performs an acoustic re-arranged version, which features nothing but live horns, strings and a piano.

This isn't enough to get me excited for the new album, but I'll check it out regardless, because I fucks with P!nk.