Random ass open post Vol. 2 featuring Kashiyuka in a crop top

Random ass post vol. 2: Kashiyuka in a crop top | Random J Pop

I'm try'na get right in the gym, because I've decided that I wanna be about crop tops this summer and bring back dudes in the 80s high school movie athleisure. The struggle is the realist though, because I love me some pizza and eating trash past midnight.

But seeing this picture of Kashiyuka with her snatched waist in a crop top got me together a little bit.

And speaking of Kashiyuka's midriff, I'm shocked. Midriff isn't something we get often from Perfume. We saw Kashiyuka and Nocchi flash some in the music video for "If You Wanna" and the P Cubed shoot had a shot of Kashiyuka with her entire back out. But it's still a shock. Just like how Kashiyuka broke the Internet with the exposure of her forehead in the "1mm" video, which coinidentally was when I decided that maybe I should cut my non-existent bangs.

🎤 This is an open post. Comment about whatever.