Kylie Minogue serves Party City "Magic"

Kylie Minogue serves Party City "Magic" | Random J Pop

Kylie Minogue's lead single from her 15th studio album didn't say much. But I know how Kylie has been rolling since 2007. She plays herself with her lead single, and then drops the fire after. She did it with X. She did it with Aphrodite. She did it a-fucking-gain with Kiss Me Once. And she's back on her BS again. Because here we are with the second single from Disco, "Magic" and it's so damn good and everything the lead single wasn't.

But the music video...

"Magic" is great. Really fucking good. Easily the best single that Kylie has put out since "Get Outta My Way". And it deserved a far better music video than this. This video has the right elements, just the wrong execution. "Spinning Around" meets "In Your Eyes" was the right call to make visually, but this wasn't how it should've ended up.

I want to know what is going on with Kylie's creative direction for this album. From Fever a bitch had great graphic design, album shoots, music videos, the visuals were on point. Now, we're getting trash, and the pandemic is no excuse. Not with the serves we've been seeing from other artists during it. Kylie has been in the game for too long, and has too much experience, resources and money to be giving us this low bar crap. And for a song that's so damn good. I'm offended and disappointed.

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