Jessie Ware gives us a gay ass music video for "Please"

Jessie Ware gives us a gay ass music video for "Please" | Random J Pop

Jessie Ware has dropped a music video for "Please", and it's a pretty similar affair to what the music videos from What's Your Pleasure? have been after "Spotlight", with the exception of "What's Your Pleasure?" - which is Jessica not really being the focus. However, this is a really cool video regardless. And unlike the videos for "What's You Pleasure?" (the first video), "Soul Control", "Step Into My Life" and "Remember Where You Are", Jessie actually features in this. Not in person. But she still at the very least has a presence in it.

Jessica released her album in the midst of the pandemic, and between 3 UK lockdowns and there being strict restrictions in-between them, it meant that Jessica herself couldn't shoot anything of a level of which she would have normally. But I think the biggest thing that's prevented Jessie from shooting videos is that she has 2 young children and records a podcast with her mother, who would be considered at risk because of her age. So she's being super sensible and careful by just isolating and keeping to her bubble. I 100% respect it. I like me a responsible pop star. And now that Jessie is pregnant, she's being even more careful. But seeing her bussin' down with the dancers in this video with her pregnant-ass self woulda been so much fun to see.

I've not been a fan of a lot of the music videos from What's Your Pleasure?, but it's hard to hate on this one when it's so damn fun.

When I first heard "Please", my initial reaction was 'This feels like "Imagine It Was Us" Part 2', which I was not mad at, because I fucking ADORE that song. And the music video also feels a lot like "Imagine It Was Us" - just a bunch of queers dancing.

Despite the drastic shifts in quality between each of the videos Jessica has given us over the past year, I like that there is a theme which runs throughout them, which is dance and queerness. Voguing doesn't feature in EVERY video, but it's the most prominent dance style in most of them. 

And even if she is only projected onto some IKEA curtains, Jessica looks great; giving us sparkles, her trademark snatched pony and a baby bump. She's really settling into the persona she created for this album and the mantle fans have given her because of it, and it's so great to see.

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