Remix: Hikaru Utada - One Last Kiss (T.O.M Remix)

Remix: Hikaru Utada - One Last Kiss (T.O.M Remix) | Random J Pop

Those of you who knew of the British-Japanese pop star MiChi (who dropped what is still one of the baddest debut pop albums) will know the work of Tomokazu Matsuzawa, professionally known as T.O.M. As he's responsible for producing the whole entire thing, along with all of Therapy, including the perfect pop single that fell through the cracks "All About the Girls ~Iijyanka Party People~".

With MiChi having ditched her pop career, T.O.M has since produced for many other artists, including Miliyah Kato, Jasmine and Ken Hirai. But he also creates a lot of unofficial remixes, a notable one of which was of Girls' Generation's "Genie" (which sounded like a MiChi joint), and another being Hikaru Utada's "One Last Kiss". And when you really take the song in, it's really not hard to imagine MiChi on this at all.

The original already had my booty doing figure eights, but T.O.M's remix has got the legs knocking and the wig doing windmills.

T.O.M. you did amazing sweetie.

This is absolute fire. It hits different to the original, but still retains that chilled banger vibe of it. I adore the original version of "One Last Kiss", but this remix is my preferred version. I've not touched the original since first hearing this back in March.

Teruzane needs to fall into T.O.M's DM's and commission him for future remixes of Hikaru's shit. Because...*Gestures* Just listen to the material.

If you're feeling it, be sure to head over to the video on YouTube and give it a thumbs up.

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