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Crystal Kay held a little gig for JBL, but we ain't ever gon' see it

Crystal Kay held a little gig for JBL, but we ain't ever gon' see it | Random J Pop

Last year Crystal Kay was made an ambassador for the audio company JBL, known for their loudspeakers, headphones and earphones. With 2021 marking JBL's 75th anniversary, they held a little shindig to celebrate the milestone, where Crystal Kay performed.

Because it's Japan and this is Crystal Kay, we ain't got no professionally recorded footage of this performance. And if it exists, we probably won't ever see it. So we're gonna just have to look at photos of Crystal performing, whilst we stream a song of hers on Spotify.

I know that industry gigs like this happen all of the time, and aren't always recorded for public consumption. But I really do not understand an audio brand having their ambassador who recently released an album, performing a gig and holding a mini press conference plugging a product, and neither being made available to watch publicly, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic when so few would get to see them and would be grateful for 'the content'. What is the marketing objective and acumen behind such a decision? Does Universal Music not want to shift a few extra copies of I Sing? Do JBL not wanna sell some extra headphones?


Buy some JBL headphones and stream I Sing. I guess.

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