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Crystal Kay covers a little of Hikaru Utada's "Can You Keep a Secret?" on Sukatto Japan

Crystal Kay covers a little of Hikaru Utada's "Can You Keep a Secret?" on Sukatto Japan | Random J Pop

Having released a new album in April, Crystal started hitting up TV in the first time since what felt like Forever.mp3. As a guest on the Sukatto Japan variety show, there was a segment which I can only deduce was a form of karaoke roulette, and Crystal had to perform a song from none other than Hikaru Utada. Of course she sounded amazing. And obviously I'm sat looking at the I Sing tracklist and thinking of at least 6 songs that coulda been bumped for a Hikaru Utada cover.

Crystal Kay also sang a little of BTS' mega smash hit "Dynamite" and she killed that too. It was very educational for me, because I discovered that a line that I thought went ♫ Shining through the city with a little funky song ♫ is actually ♫ Shining through the city with a little funk and soul ♫.

See? You learn new things every day.

It was clear from the moment Crystal started walking to the stage that she was about to do what needed to be done. She was mouthing the lyrics of "Can You Keep a Secret?" before it even got to her section.

I get what Crystal's team went for with the song selections on I Sing. But a Hikaru Utada cover would set Crystal off so nicely and done wonders for her. Just look at what a Hikki cover did for Ayumi Hamasaki?! To this day, Ayu's 2014 cover of "Movin' On Without You" is the last wholly decent song she's put out. Of course Ayu covering Hikaru hits a little differently because of the media perpetuated feud between the two artists. But Hikaru is a beloved part of Japanese music history and still a huge deal. Including a cover of one of her songs would have been huge for Crystal. Even Miliyah Kato got bank on covering Hikaru Utada on her 2020 covers album  Covers -Woman & Man-, and that shit was dustier than the Wakandan plains after Thanos snapped. Crystal did more for her cover of "Can You Keep a Secret?" in 30 seconds than Miliyah did across the whole song.

I really do hope that Crystal considers releasing a another cover album which features just a few more songs which are more in tune with her musical tastes, and songs which will truly help cut Crystal across  fanbases, especially those at which she intersects anyway - because many Hikaru Utada fans are also into Crystal Kay. 

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