Crystal Kay reveals the album cover of her cover album, I Sing

Crystal Kay reveals the album cover of her cover album, I Sing | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay first mentioned a cover album back at the top of 2019. Then the album was supposed to drop in 2020. Which it obviously didn't. And then in January we FINALLY got a title and a release date. And now a month before release, we get the album cover.

I present to you the cover of the cover album. Crystal Kay's I Sing.

Crystal Kay - I Sing (Album Cover) | Random J Pop

Not a shot I woulda chosen. But at least Crystal features on the damn thing. After the regular edition of her album For You, and all of the digital singles from I Sing not featuring her image at all, I was fully expecting this album to follow suit. So it's nice to see her face on a cover again and that her skin tone isn't blown out with light as it was on Color Change!, or saturated as it was on Shine.

I'd posted the full tracklist of this album last month. But for you lazy bitches, those who missed or both, here it is again.

I will listen to this, because I will always check out whatever Crystal Kay puts out. But I'd be lying like a white politician if I told you that I was excited for this album; despite her covers "I Love..." and "Nandemonaiya" sounding really fucking good.

Hopefully this album will do well commercially, put some coin in Crystal's account and give her leverage for her next release. Whatever the fuck happens, I need a new studio album this year or early next. Crystal can't be leaving it another 3 years to drop something. She ain't got the luxury that chicks that Hikaru Utada have, where you can disappear for 8 years, then drop an album and still have that shit chart at number 1 on the Oricon and outsell a Best album from EXILE.

Crystal ain't gonna get the promo that her peers will get anyway. Crystal's TV and radio appearances are as sparse as Prince William's hairline. And I can't see her touring. So she can spend that time getting an album together for Christmas.

I doubt that Crystal Kay's team have much of a promo plan set out for this album, and it's not because of COVID. We know how Crystal don't get that top tier promo that others do. So be sure to support ya girl by showing her some love on her Insta (where she's most active) and in the comments of whatever of hers ends up on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, Crystal needs to tell her team to get their shit together and set her up with an official YouTube account with her entire videography. And she needs to look about getting her whole discography up on YouTube Music too, as it is now the only global music streaming service which doesn't have it. Yep. Crystal Kay's full discography is now finally available on Apple Music following its release on Spotify back in December.

Crystal Kay's I Sing releases physically and digitally on April 21st. And we'll probably get a digital single release of her cover of "Nandemonaiya" before then.

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