Crystal Kay drops a preview of her cover of Radwimps' "Nandemonaiya"

Crystal Kay drops a preview of her cover of Radwimps' "Nandemonaiya" | Random J Pop

To further tease and promote the release of Crystal Kay's long-awaited cover album, Universal Music have released a preview of her cover of J-Rock band Radwimps' "Nandemonaiya" to YouTube.

"Nandemonaiya" was featured in the 2016 anime film Your Name, for which Radwimps also did the entire soundtrack for; a soundtrack which also acted as their 8th studio album. The film was a huge success in Japan, becoming one of the highest grossing domestic releases. Shit's so big that it caught the attention of white people in Hollywood, and now J.J. Abrams is producing a live-action adaptation. The soundtrack also made waves, debuting at number 1 on the Oricon chart. So folk in Japan and anime heads gon' know this damn song.

Based on the tracklist of Crystal's cover album and the songs we'd gotten from it so far, I figured that it would be pretty ballad heavy. And now having heard this, I'm almost certain that it will be. As we'd witnessed with her masterful cover of Official Hige Dandism's "I Love...", even if that original shit was an uptempo banger, Crystal gon' slow it the fuck down and put strings on the bitch.

Crystal Kay sounds great, as she always does. And as was the case with her cover of Official Hige Dandism's "I Love", the arrangements not only compliment Crystal's vocals, but transform the entire thing into a Crystal Kay song. It's crazy that a couple of Crystal's covers sound more like classic Crystal Kay songs than the original material she's out over the past 4 years, but HERE WE ARE. It's nice to hear the old Crystal re-emerging, even if it it's only via ballads. But ballads really do highlight the precision and clarity in Crystal's voice. There is nobody in J-Pop with a voice like hers.

Crystal Kay's I Sing releases physically and digitally on April 21st.

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