Perfume kick-off their "Polygon Wave" TikTok challenge

Perfume kick-off their "Polygon Wave" TikTok challenge | Random J PopWe all knew it was coming. Perfume have officially launched a "Polygon Wave" TikTok challenge.

It's always interesting watching Perfume's TikTok videos, because you really do see the nuances in how differently a-chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka dance in comparison to each other, despite there being such synchronicity between them. Kashiyuka is very chill. Nocchi is fluid and natural. Where-as a-chan is sharp, but sometimes does too much.

Most fans are in agreement that the "Polygon Wave" routine is a great routine, and you could tell that it was choreographed to have moments which could be plucked to be Tik Tok-able. Although dedicated fans will take even the most complex dance routine and make a damn challenge out of it.

The routine for "Polygon Wave" as a whole is probabaly one of Perfume's easiest routines to follow. My ass still wouldn't be able to do it. But it's the one Perfume routine that I watch and think 'I could PROBABLY do it if I tried hard enough' because it features so many big gestures and is light on the crazy intricacies and awkward moves you usually get with a Perfume routine - yet it still very much looks and feels like a regular Perfume routine.

There's a whole amazing community of folk who cover Perfume's routines on YouTube, and even go as far as to recreate their hideous outfits. So I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing them spotlit and doing their thing with "Polygon Wave".

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